Sizei (eriassei) wrote,

metroid prime 2

got metroid prime 2 on nov 15th'ish, beat it before i went home before thanksgiving with the 75% ending, showing samus with her power suit off....then i decided to get the 100% items collected ending and yea, reason to belive there's gonna be a 3rd metroid prime....but if you're gonna actually play the game, i will do this...

When you beat metroid prime 1, metroid prime, the last boss, takes your phazon suit that you get towards the end of the game, and the 100% ending shows a phazon puddle where metroid prime was. Then it shows a hand popping out of the puddle with the phazon suit on and the hand has an eye on it. In metroid prime 2, samus is being chased down by a dark version of herself, which turns out to be metroid prime, as shown by the last boss, which is dark samus 3 and 4. After the battle, it shows dark samus/metroid prime exploding into phazon vapor, then you escape the dark version of the planet you're on, etc. Then samus goes back to her ship, takes off the power suit, flies off, credits roll and if you get the 100% items collected, then it shows dark samus/metroid prime rematerialzing in the dark samus form in space outside the planet the game takes place on. Therefore, I believe there is gonna be a 3rd one...

The game was pretty damn fun, it gave back the screw attack that metroid veterans should recognize from metroid and super metroid, and the weapons were pretty damn cool, and the multiplayer is quite fun, quite chaotic. Well, in the meantime, while waiting for FF12 and zelda to come out, I am going thru hard mode of both metroid primes, starting with prime 1 first of course....which is quite interesting cause hard mode is a bitch and a half cause everything kills you really quick, ive died 3-5x already and I only have up to the boost ball. Well, talk to you all later and if you have exams, I wish you luck on them....for those in Boca, see you at Christmas time. Peace!
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