Sizei (eriassei) wrote,

Long time, no write and technical difficulties

Hey hey everyone, whats up or something...

As you can see, 1) I haven't written in a while, and 2) my background picture hosting site is having technical problems...... <-- site I use for picture hosting...gotta love the net...

But anyways, so yea, I've changed my major after not passing calculus 2x more (1 in the spring (major was declared business), and again in the summer (major was undeclared comp science), so yea, I am now doing IT (information tech), which is nice cause it dosen't require calculus and I suck at math, so yea, much better. Great schedule I got this semester though (I know its late to show you all, but here goes).

MWF Pyshcology PSY2012 8:00-8:50
M Java Programming Rec CIS3931 10:10-11:00
MWF Ethnics PHI2630 12:20-1:10
MWF Java Programming CIS3931 2:30-3:20
MW Statistics STA2122 5:15-6:55
Hours: 13

Yea, thats my shedule, and its damn awesome cause I have EVERY tuesday and thursday off, so no matter what, I get a 4 day weekend, cause I can have a friday 3 day weekend and no classes on thursday or I can have a monday 3 day weekend and no classes on Tuesday :D

Great semester to concentrate better and bring up my grade :) No more D2, cause I made what little money I could squander from that game (finally): $123.00 dollars in total roughly. Just looking forward to getting Metroid Prime 2 in November and Zelda in like uhh March of 2005(?) or something.

Well, off to do something before next class starts, later.
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