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Heh, Long Time, No Talk

So yea, I started D2 up again, but this time in the venture of making money off it, because this one guy I know has an online store and he needs help supplying it and stuff, just gotta wait till the store is up and running then I can make money.

Anywho, I joined an IRC server way back in January to get those annihilus charms I mentioned A LONG TIME back. Well, its working out good and have been able to net around probably 20-30 charms from it, most I had on mules at one time was 12, however. Anyways, the server was with d2jsp forums, but after a month or so, alot of the major people split from d2jsp forums and made their own server, I went to the new server, than half a month after that, a network admin of the new server started "attacking" his own server, split off with us, and went back to crappy d2jsp servers, LOL. So then we all moved to yet another new server, but here's the funny part, at the beginning, the network admins were ok with us going over to old server and promoting our server, but after a week but servers' admins decided to try to make amends, so they told us to stop. Now for the best part, lol, I decided to go on the d2jsp forums and post a reply in the dclone server post, promoting our server, which I guess is considered spamming other networks, because on Tuesday night, the network admin of the server im on asked if I did that, and im like "yea, but only one" and hes like "well, just like other members of staff, im gonna have to ban you for 3 days" (im part of staff because im an op on one of the channels, heh) yea, im banned right now from the server till tomorrow night, lol...heh, cant even stay out of trouble on a damn irc server, lol.

As for school, its going ok, if I don't get into business, I will be changing my major AGAIN to computer science, which means i would have to deal with calculus 2........ Hopefully, I will stay in business though, I think I can. Tomorrow is last day of classes and all, half-assed "YAY" cause next week is finals, and thats gonna be hell. So for all of my friends who have finals next week, I wish you luck!! After next week, I will probably come home for a week or so (we can choose to stay here during the week between spring semester and summer session). Then after that week, I will go back up here to attend my required summer session, in which I will be taking my last 2 business pre-reqs, Statistics and Micro Economics. Its been pretty cool this semester and stuff. Going to obviously be living in the same apt dorm over summer with same exact roommates and also gonna be living in same room over fall and spring of next year with same roommates, which will be cool cause they are cool people to live with (not one day goes by without something completely insane happening). Well, im gonna get going to sleep, early class tomorrow, woot, last day of classes.

Oh, and here's this for you....this is a picture take of my countess bot from d2 zoomed in of course (does countess runs, picks up runes I specify). If you want to see the whole picture for proof, just tell me, and I will send it or something. Basically its a count of how many el runes countess dropped that I did not pick up. Enjoy....

best D2 caption ever
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"While in the diablo clone chat, I met a guy named Dima and he is totally cool. We are like irc brothers now, seriously!"

/\ You forgot that part hehe.

Sorry dima, but, yes, you are like my IRC bro, :)

Are you doing anything for your birthday?? I may be in the Miami area about a week after or so ;D
heh, im doing a summer session, so like i will be at FSU for my im here now, cause i saw no pt in going home, heh