Sizei (eriassei) wrote,

Back to FSU soon...

New York was fun, got to see all my relatives and stuff. Went shooting with my uncle and used his 12 gauge shotgun that was given to him by my grandpa. I also have a gun from my grandpa, a shotgun thats a little older and bolt action, which is cool. My sister went shooting with us, at the gun club that my uncle belongs to. It was really fun, we shot at clay pigeons, and both my sister and I did nicely for our first time. Hung out with my cousin alot and helped her out with a nintendo game she got with her cube this Christmas. Didn't snow much though, we got one day with a half hour of snow flurries, thats about it. :(

Came home on New Year's Eve and went to a HS cross country team party, then on New Years day to watch FSU lose to Miami (16 to 14). Hung out with mostly Adam today after doing things I needed to do, haircut and dentist apointments. Dan came over later on with Chris, but I left soon after so I could come home and eat.

Looking forward to going back to FSU because its beginning to get kind of boring here....noone ever really wants to hang out but Adam and sometimes Josh, which is really cool, and I will go hang out, but since my parents are always wanting me home or something, I dont hang out that long. And I dont know Chris all that well, so it feels odd when I hang out with her, Adam, and Dan. What would be cool is if I lived in Bradenton and hung out with Miren and her crew because I have more friends up there that I would actually hang out with alot then I do down here....I mainly hang out with Adam, Dan and Josh, which is cool and fun when we actually can all hang out, but it would be cool to hang in Bradenton more often. Or if I could somehow get all the Bradenton friends and all the Boca friends to hang out, that would be nice too, as both groups are anime and video game fans, and it would be all badass to hang would make a nice party. :P

I worked a little over Christmas, the first 2 weeks. Made about 400 dollars, which boosted my account nicely...contemplating working up at FSU next fall or not for money and to keep busy on the days I do nothing.

I'm ready to start the new semester, and ready to get the 4 A's I need (hopefully). It will be better, because I want to do something with computers, but not something that involves alot of math. So I think this MIS will better suit me, we will see though, but I think everything will go good.

Sorry this was long, but I dont update as often, maybe once every 2 months.
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