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Well, Merry Christmas all. I hope everyone is enjoying the day and the time with famnily and friends. My mom's best friend is over now, and we had a big brunch, very good. Having tenderloin for dinner with my mom's kickass steak sauce.

Anywho, what did you all get for Xmas?

I got....

-Two LotR: RotK posters (one being of main chars from RotK and one being of Legolas and Ghimli with orcs behind them)
-Star Wars Calendar
-Final Fantasy X-2 with guide (hehe, just gotta get PS2 back from Adam, which has been ready for me to pickup, but I have been quite busy with work)
-The new myst game (Uru: Ages Beyond Myst)
-My Zelda bonus disc that arrived yesterday, that I also payed for, but my sister and mom decided to wrap it up as a joke, seeing how long I have been waiting for it, but I found it funny.

Of course the best part, is being home with my whole family and visiting my friends. I will be going to New York tomorrow though to visit relatives for 4 days. Nothing will happen though, despite the orange terrorist warning level. It will be nice to actually see snow once again.

I am also done with work, should have brought in nearly 400-500 bucks seeing that i nearly worked 35-40 hours last week and this week. Should bring up my acnt a little until summer where I can work a little more.

Hope everyone had a nice and safe Christmas!!! Later!!
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