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Well, Merry Christmas all. I hope everyone is enjoying the day and the time with famnily and friends. My mom's best friend is over now, and we had a big brunch, very good. Having tenderloin for dinner with my mom's kickass steak sauce.

Anywho, what did you all get for Xmas?

I got....

-Two LotR: RotK posters (one being of main chars from RotK and one being of Legolas and Ghimli with orcs behind them)
-Star Wars Calendar
-Final Fantasy X-2 with guide (hehe, just gotta get PS2 back from Adam, which has been ready for me to pickup, but I have been quite busy with work)
-The new myst game (Uru: Ages Beyond Myst)
-My Zelda bonus disc that arrived yesterday, that I also payed for, but my sister and mom decided to wrap it up as a joke, seeing how long I have been waiting for it, but I found it funny.

Of course the best part, is being home with my whole family and visiting my friends. I will be going to New York tomorrow though to visit relatives for 4 days. Nothing will happen though, despite the orange terrorist warning level. It will be nice to actually see snow once again.

I am also done with work, should have brought in nearly 400-500 bucks seeing that i nearly worked 35-40 hours last week and this week. Should bring up my acnt a little until summer where I can work a little more.

Hope everyone had a nice and safe Christmas!!! Later!!
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-ps2 (from tony!)
*kingdom hearts
* fatal frame 2

* soul calibur 2
* return of the king (the game)
* Kotor
* morrowind goty gold edition
* jet set radio future (came with it)

-final fantasy 11 (dave)

-lots of clothes


miss you justin. hope once i'm in gville and you in yally we can arrenage a couple weekends to chill with each other.

have a safe trip to/from new york, okay?
Hehe, nice, now you have all the new gen consoles....btw, i just got this msg, i was in the sky enroute to NY when u replied probably.

I am enjoying the Zelda bonus disc, I played some at my cousin's house in NY b/c she just got a cube (she plays games too). I mainly played Zelda 1...I got the blue candle, the 2nd sword, the big shield, 7 hearts, the blue ring, and so far only beat the first things are goin nicely...takes a while to build up money to get all that stuff, but I found a nice path of enemies that gives lots of rupees. On to dungeon 2!! :)

And for PS2, I reccommend getting FFX or I will let you borrow it, if I ever get it back from HS friend...also get FFX-2, FF7, FF8 (if you want, I liked it so so), FF9(my favorite one of the 3 after FF7..7's my favorite tho)...get FF chronicles (chrono trigger and FF4), FF Anthologies (FF5 and FF6...another great FF), FF Origins (FF1 and FF2...2 was never released here till now).

I guess I will let you know when I get FFXI, and I dont know if you know too much bout the mana series, but I reccommend getting Sword of Mana, im gonna eventually get it for gameboy player and depending on grades, for my gameboy SP!!!! FFXI will also occur over summer if I can get it or allowed to get it...we will have to see.

Talk to you later, and yes, we will need to hang out sometime.....hehe, looking forward to new major (screw engineering!!!....just kidding). Business rocks!!