Sizei (eriassei) wrote,

Major change

First off...grades for this semester...

Calc I: D
Programming (C): C-
History: D
Religion: C+

I did quite bad, yes. And because of that D, I am retaking Calculus I and changing my major to business, and taking the Mgmt Info Systems branch of business (MIS). To get accpeted into the college of business, I have to take all pre-reqs by July 15th with a 2.9 GPA in the 6 classes I need to take to fulfill the pre-reqs. These classes are:

Spring '04
ACG2021 - Intro to financial accounting
CGS2100 - Computer literacy for business
ECO2013 - Macro-Economics
MAC2311 - Calc I (retaking it...wish i could take business calc tho, but they both count for this part)

The thing is, my advisor told me I need all A's in those classes and then during summer I need to take...

STA2023 - Statistics
ECO2023 - Micro-Economics

For these 2 classes, I need to get B' maybe if i get a B in one of the spring classes, I could get a A in one of the summer classes. Therefore, I will definitely be takin the first 6 wks of summer at FSU to get accepted into the college of business.

Its gonna be hard, but I will prevail....due to the circumstances, I will not be going on AIM / online during the week, only on Fridays and Saturdays I will. I want to do well this semester, try and make that 4.0.
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