Sizei (eriassei) wrote,

We Win!!!

And FSU picks up another win against UF!!!! Gotta love the riot that started, hehe j/k. GO FSU!!!!! WOOT!!!!!
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your MOM!
Dude the reffs were assholes. They fucking gave you that game. A in the first quarter where your guy catches the ball lands is then tackled and fumbles giving uf the ball. The reff calls it a personal foul. The replay clearly shows he had possisson of the ball. B when uf has the ball our runs guy is down on the fucking ground, ball is clearly dead then he drops it reff calls it a fumble and fsu gets touchdown. My ass IT WAS CLEAR THAT UF WAS DOWN. Then twards the end FSU Fumbles once again then uf recovers it but do the reffs call that no they said fsu recovers when it shous in the replay that the guys knee hit the ball and a uf player is right on top of it. Fsu gets another touch down. It is bull shit plus FSU fumbled almost every possission but some times it really was dead but man you guys kept droping that sucker. So FSU paid off the reffs to give them that game.
Was the 50 yard pass made by Rix cheating too then? Or was it the fact that he made a good pass, and our guy caught it and made the touchdown? Just curious.
Sorry Alan, you are a kind of good friend and all, but I prefer no long rants as replies in my LJ, so please refrain from doing it again...if you won, and I thought that the refs gave you the game, I wouldn't say stuff in your LJ. I just wanted to let my other lj friends know who won the game, and I update my lj when something cool happens or is worth updating about....because to tell you the truth, I dont really care, its just when people start bitchin is when I care. It may be true, but guess what, there's nothing I can do about it, so don't bitch at me please!!!! Go punch the refs in the face or something, i dont know....just dont take it out on me.

Yea, yea, i know i just said i dont like long rants as replies, but guess what, this is my fucking damn journal. Thanks!!
you tell that slut!!!!!


i should make my own football team. ganon wins.
the sad part is i really didn't care who won, seeing as i went to FSU and will now be attending UF. where do my loyalties lie?

perhaps with UM instead!! muah-hahaha!!!

i'm a crack fiend.
LOL!!! UM!!!

You would be against both FSU and UF.