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The internet is once again being gay...can't do anything that you would usually do on the takes a century to load lj pages, email pages, etc. And of course that means lag followed by a death in a cow game in D2, that and not being able to bot, which I wanted to do to get some replacement items for my duped/hacked items ie 08 windforce, occy rings (which i have 2 sojs and 2 perf nagels), and amulet. I wanted to do this because the belief is that 1.10 is coming out on halloween. It seems true thought, since bliz / bnet has this stupid program called "Rust Storm" which is supposedly gonna delte all duped and hacked items in game, so therefore, people are rushing around trying to trade their last pieces of hacked/duped items for legit items, like myself....I still need to get rid of my con ring. Then there are some stupid people who think nothing's gonna get deleted, IDIOTS!! But yea, I am looking forward to 1.10, as I have full necromancer set, meaning he can turn into a vampire (blood lord) with extra skls (meteo, fire wall, fire ball, fire mastery...only set that is givin special bonuses..all other sets are gonna make char look cool with special aura around them with full set).

Other than that, life is ok, calc sux, I have no clue how I am gonna do in it. History, religion, comp programming are all going is going the best because I AM THE C PROGRAMMING MASTA!!!! Yet, I feel something missing or something's slipping away. I guess the feeling is most likely the feeling that I feel my past / Boca life is slipping away, who knows....

Its also not as fun last year up here. My friend Alex is alot more busy being an RA and being in a service frat. I am pretty busy and I like my room, unlike last year, where I didnt like my room, so being busy and wanting to be in my room makes me to not goto my friends dorms after classes. Although my roommate, James, last year could be a little ecentric at times, he was still a fun guy to hang out with. Jeff does the usual as last year, he hangs out in his room with his cube, gba, and tv, and hes fun to hang with, but we dont play as much smash as we did last year, b/c we are both kind of sick of the game...which means you boca hoes, YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY IF I BEAT YOU, I DONT PLAY ANYMORE :)...then again, you probably dont either, so we will be equal. And of course, I dont have the craziness of Miren, because she's at another school. So the combination of all that stuff makes it not as fun as last year, and I also dont have my cube up here like last year, so I have to resort to d2, but guess what, THATS NOT WORKING (fucking acns).

I am looking forward to going home to see friends and family, but from what my parents said, its still hot as hell down there (BLAH). I also want to see this new comic book store that has a grand opening on halloween, maybe get started on reading some. Well, I think I am gonna go play Secret of Mana on ZSNES because that game owns....just beat tropicallo(sp), the boss when u first get to village of gnomes/dwarves....didnt think he was as easy as he was...i had a much harder time with him...probably because i was a lower lvl...the pumpkin bombs only did 1 dmg to me, whereas the first time i beat game, they did like i think 25-50 dmg or something. Talk to you all later.

Keep in mind that this entry was supposed to be put in yesterday, but internet was = to gay. So now I am in a much better mood.

And BNET's realms are all down at the moment.....1.10 is coming, run!!!! And for those of who are interested, Dan and Josh mainly, there are no more cow channels!!! New channels dont include them, trading gems, and trading sets channels.
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ah, well we don't play smash brothers too much either... and tropicallo is easy, with the spear...

oh and i know 1.10 is expected release cause big dave has been so kind as to keep me updated