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Just because [09 Feb 2005|02:37am]

(Proceed to the Day of Lavos?)

see ya! [03 Dec 2004|01:32am]
changed theme to more of a chrono trigger related style, because zelda has been done numerous timers...used the frog at magus's castle bg cause i couldnt find a good magus bg...but i think im just about done with lj cause its getting boring and i have alot of important stuff to do such as bring up my gpa, etc...besides i talk to most of you online and i mostly spend my time on irc downloading anime, so enjoy the new theme i guess, and i will see all of you at some point again...and if you ever want to visit on irc for some odd reason, i am either on irc.rizon.net (baka-anime channel - the server i use to download anime obviously) or irc.frozenlogic.net (the server was created by one of my d2 friends and one of my dclone irc server admin created...pretty much its all those who i used to play d2 with, and some of them currently are or are going to play WoW)

well, its been fun, but i probably will not be posting too much more if at all, as if i havent been doing that already

see you all at the "end of time"

(Proceed to the Day of Lavos?)

metroid prime 2 [30 Nov 2004|01:10am]
got metroid prime 2 on nov 15th'ish, beat it before i went home before thanksgiving with the 75% ending, showing samus with her power suit off....then i decided to get the 100% items collected ending and yea, reason to belive there's gonna be a 3rd metroid prime....but if you're gonna actually play the game, i will do this...

SpoilersCollapse )

The game was pretty damn fun, it gave back the screw attack that metroid veterans should recognize from metroid and super metroid, and the weapons were pretty damn cool, and the multiplayer is quite fun, quite chaotic. Well, in the meantime, while waiting for FF12 and zelda to come out, I am going thru hard mode of both metroid primes, starting with prime 1 first of course....which is quite interesting cause hard mode is a bitch and a half cause everything kills you really quick, ive died 3-5x already and I only have up to the boost ball. Well, talk to you all later and if you have exams, I wish you luck on them....for those in Boca, see you at Christmas time. Peace!

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Long time, no write and technical difficulties [13 Sep 2004|09:21am]
Hey hey everyone, whats up or something...

As you can see, 1) I haven't written in a while, and 2) my background picture hosting site is having technical problems......http://upl.silentwhisper.net/ <-- site I use for picture hosting...gotta love the net...

But anyways, so yea, I've changed my major after not passing calculus 2x more (1 in the spring (major was declared business), and again in the summer (major was undeclared comp science), so yea, I am now doing IT (information tech), which is nice cause it dosen't require calculus and I suck at math, so yea, much better. Great schedule I got this semester though (I know its late to show you all, but here goes).

MWF Pyshcology PSY2012 8:00-8:50
M Java Programming Rec CIS3931 10:10-11:00
MWF Ethnics PHI2630 12:20-1:10
MWF Java Programming CIS3931 2:30-3:20
MW Statistics STA2122 5:15-6:55
Hours: 13

Yea, thats my shedule, and its damn awesome cause I have EVERY tuesday and thursday off, so no matter what, I get a 4 day weekend, cause I can have a friday 3 day weekend and no classes on thursday or I can have a monday 3 day weekend and no classes on Tuesday :D

Great semester to concentrate better and bring up my grade :) No more D2, cause I made what little money I could squander from that game (finally): $123.00 dollars in total roughly. Just looking forward to getting Metroid Prime 2 in November and Zelda in like uhh March of 2005(?) or something.

Well, off to do something before next class starts, later.

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LMAO [12 May 2004|12:55pm]
Generate your Anime Style by Jena-su
Hair:Rediculously long, always flowing.
Clothes:As revealing as you can legally get away with.
Powers:Water magic
Special Features:Unusual, yet natural markings
Sidekick:None, you have no need for a sidekick.
Attitude:Happy, bouncy, too hyper for it to be heathly.
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!

Long hair, heh, i wouldn't mind having longer hair, and yea, that seems like me, I can be hyper when I'm not freaking sleeping, haha.

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Heh, Long Time, No Talk [23 Apr 2004|01:57am]
So yea, I started D2 up again, but this time in the venture of making money off it, because this one guy I know has an online store and he needs help supplying it and stuff, just gotta wait till the store is up and running then I can make money.

Anywho, I joined an IRC server way back in January to get those annihilus charms I mentioned A LONG TIME back. Well, its working out good and have been able to net around probably 20-30 charms from it, most I had on mules at one time was 12, however. Anyways, the server was with d2jsp forums, but after a month or so, alot of the major people split from d2jsp forums and made their own server, I went to the new server, than half a month after that, a network admin of the new server started "attacking" his own server, split off with us, and went back to crappy d2jsp servers, LOL. So then we all moved to yet another new server, but here's the funny part, at the beginning, the network admins were ok with us going over to old server and promoting our server, but after a week but servers' admins decided to try to make amends, so they told us to stop. Now for the best part, lol, I decided to go on the d2jsp forums and post a reply in the dclone server post, promoting our server, which I guess is considered spamming other networks, because on Tuesday night, the network admin of the server im on asked if I did that, and im like "yea, but only one" and hes like "well, just like other members of staff, im gonna have to ban you for 3 days" (im part of staff because im an op on one of the channels, heh)..so yea, im banned right now from the server till tomorrow night, lol...heh, cant even stay out of trouble on a damn irc server, lol.

As for school, its going ok, if I don't get into business, I will be changing my major AGAIN to computer science, which means i would have to deal with calculus 2........ Hopefully, I will stay in business though, I think I can. Tomorrow is last day of classes and all, half-assed "YAY" cause next week is finals, and thats gonna be hell. So for all of my friends who have finals next week, I wish you luck!! After next week, I will probably come home for a week or so (we can choose to stay here during the week between spring semester and summer session). Then after that week, I will go back up here to attend my required summer session, in which I will be taking my last 2 business pre-reqs, Statistics and Micro Economics. Its been pretty cool this semester and stuff. Going to obviously be living in the same apt dorm over summer with same exact roommates and also gonna be living in same room over fall and spring of next year with same roommates, which will be cool cause they are cool people to live with (not one day goes by without something completely insane happening). Well, im gonna get going to sleep, early class tomorrow, woot, last day of classes.

Oh, and here's this for you....this is a picture take of my countess bot from d2 zoomed in of course (does countess runs, picks up runes I specify). If you want to see the whole picture for proof, just tell me, and I will send it or something. Basically its a count of how many el runes countess dropped that I did not pick up. Enjoy....

best D2 caption ever

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[22 Feb 2004|11:54pm]

Which Guilty Gear X character are you?

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YAY!!! NWN Shifter lvl 1 achieved [27 Jan 2004|01:22am]
First ability as shifer!!!Collapse )

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stuff [15 Jan 2004|03:42pm]
After getting D2 out of my head and realizing how crap of a game it is, even if 1.10 was harder and had new items, I decided to start Neverwinter Nights again. I still had my rogue ranger around, but decided to restart her, in which I will get 6 lvls in ranger (for animal companion) and 14 lvls in rogue. I also decided to start a druid after seeing how badass they are in the manual. He's lvl 3 and he has Tomi Gallows, the rogue as his henchman, a panther as a animal companion, and a choice summon of either a dire badger or a dire boar (summon levels 1 and 2). He's pretty much owning it up, but I am looking forward to getting the lvl to shapeshift and to summon elementals. Much more badass druids in NWN, whereas D2 has crapass druidic classes.

School's going well too. My calc professor is much better than my last 1...he actually uses the computer for a main part of his class, which is what most professors do here. His methods of teaching are much better too, so I am pretty confident calc will go well. Economics is easy enough, comp lit is easy, just have to sometime start the 1st project, and accounting isnt bad, but i can see where it could get difficult, and of course Intro to meteo is the easiest class I have. :) I think I will be able to do great this semester.

Until next time...peace!!

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Spring semester stuff [07 Jan 2004|09:38am]
Was able to get all my classes that I needed for this semester, at pretty decent times, nothing like the schedule I would of had, but its an easier schedule too, seeing that I am now in an easier major.

Here it is...

M - 10:10-11:00
T - 8:25-9:15
W - 10:10-11:00
R - 8:25-9:15
F - 8:25-9:15

Classes I'm taking are..

MWF - Intro to meteo
MTR - Calc I (again ><)
TRF - Accounting intro to
TR - Macro econ

and also a online comp literacy class, which hasnt gone thru yet, but I will know by tomorrow.


(Proceed to the Day of Lavos?)

Back to FSU soon... [02 Jan 2004|06:55pm]
New York was fun, got to see all my relatives and stuff. Went shooting with my uncle and used his 12 gauge shotgun that was given to him by my grandpa. I also have a gun from my grandpa, a shotgun thats a little older and bolt action, which is cool. My sister went shooting with us, at the gun club that my uncle belongs to. It was really fun, we shot at clay pigeons, and both my sister and I did nicely for our first time. Hung out with my cousin alot and helped her out with a nintendo game she got with her cube this Christmas. Didn't snow much though, we got one day with a half hour of snow flurries, thats about it. :(

Came home on New Year's Eve and went to a HS cross country team party, then on New Years day to watch FSU lose to Miami (16 to 14). Hung out with mostly Adam today after doing things I needed to do, haircut and dentist apointments. Dan came over later on with Chris, but I left soon after so I could come home and eat.

Looking forward to going back to FSU because its beginning to get kind of boring here....noone ever really wants to hang out but Adam and sometimes Josh, which is really cool, and I will go hang out, but since my parents are always wanting me home or something, I dont hang out that long. And I dont know Chris all that well, so it feels odd when I hang out with her, Adam, and Dan. What would be cool is if I lived in Bradenton and hung out with Miren and her crew because I have more friends up there that I would actually hang out with alot then I do down here....I mainly hang out with Adam, Dan and Josh, which is cool and fun when we actually can all hang out, but it would be cool to hang in Bradenton more often. Or if I could somehow get all the Bradenton friends and all the Boca friends to hang out, that would be nice too, as both groups are anime and video game fans, and it would be all badass to hang out..it would make a nice party. :P

I worked a little over Christmas, the first 2 weeks. Made about 400 dollars, which boosted my account nicely...contemplating working up at FSU next fall or not for money and to keep busy on the days I do nothing.

I'm ready to start the new semester, and ready to get the 4 A's I need (hopefully). It will be better, because I want to do something with computers, but not something that involves alot of math. So I think this MIS will better suit me, we will see though, but I think everything will go good.

Sorry this was long, but I dont update as often, maybe once every 2 months.

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MERRY CHRISTMAS [25 Dec 2003|02:54pm]
Well, Merry Christmas all. I hope everyone is enjoying the day and the time with famnily and friends. My mom's best friend is over now, and we had a big brunch, very good. Having tenderloin for dinner with my mom's kickass steak sauce.

Anywho, what did you all get for Xmas?

I got....

-Two LotR: RotK posters (one being of main chars from RotK and one being of Legolas and Ghimli with orcs behind them)
-Star Wars Calendar
-Final Fantasy X-2 with guide (hehe, just gotta get PS2 back from Adam, which has been ready for me to pickup, but I have been quite busy with work)
-The new myst game (Uru: Ages Beyond Myst)
-My Zelda bonus disc that arrived yesterday, that I also payed for, but my sister and mom decided to wrap it up as a joke, seeing how long I have been waiting for it, but I found it funny.

Of course the best part, is being home with my whole family and visiting my friends. I will be going to New York tomorrow though to visit relatives for 4 days. Nothing will happen though, despite the orange terrorist warning level. It will be nice to actually see snow once again.

I am also done with work, should have brought in nearly 400-500 bucks seeing that i nearly worked 35-40 hours last week and this week. Should bring up my acnt a little until summer where I can work a little more.

Hope everyone had a nice and safe Christmas!!! Later!!

(Proceed to the Day of Lavos?)

Major change [20 Dec 2003|12:17pm]
First off...grades for this semester...

Calc I: D
Programming (C): C-
History: D
Religion: C+

I did quite bad, yes. And because of that D, I am retaking Calculus I and changing my major to business, and taking the Mgmt Info Systems branch of business (MIS). To get accpeted into the college of business, I have to take all pre-reqs by July 15th with a 2.9 GPA in the 6 classes I need to take to fulfill the pre-reqs. These classes are:

Spring '04
ACG2021 - Intro to financial accounting
CGS2100 - Computer literacy for business
ECO2013 - Macro-Economics
MAC2311 - Calc I (retaking it...wish i could take business calc tho, but they both count for this part)

The thing is, my advisor told me I need all A's in those classes and then during summer I need to take...

STA2023 - Statistics
ECO2023 - Micro-Economics

For these 2 classes, I need to get B's...so maybe if i get a B in one of the spring classes, I could get a A in one of the summer classes. Therefore, I will definitely be takin the first 6 wks of summer at FSU to get accepted into the college of business.

Its gonna be hard, but I will prevail....due to the circumstances, I will not be going on AIM / online during the week, only on Fridays and Saturdays I will. I want to do well this semester, try and make that 4.0.

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We Win!!! [29 Nov 2003|07:17pm]
And FSU picks up another win against UF!!!! Gotta love the riot that started, hehe j/k. GO FSU!!!!! WOOT!!!!!

(Proceed to the Day of Lavos?)

Thanksgiving [24 Nov 2003|06:33pm]
I am leaving tomorrow around 3:15-3:30..my parents are coming to get me instead of having me take the bus a day later. :)

Wednesday, I will see what I can do to hang out...otherwise, friday will be the hang out day.

I plan to:
Show you people my badass D2 chars (sorceress being the best..engima rocks)
Play Mario Kart Double Dash at Josh's
Start my FFX-2 save file at Josh's

See you all then.

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BAH!! [23 Nov 2003|10:27am]
Me or my 2 roommates didnt make it into last Samurai last night due to limited seating, but one of my roommates was literally one away, but due to a film teacher being 390 and getting into the movie due to his being a teacher, my roommate did not get in. Anyhow, I was looking at battle.net and this just struck me really funny.

1% Chance To Cast Level 50 Delirium* (morph) When Struck
6% Chance To Cast Level 14 Mind Blast When Struck
14% Chance To Cast Level 13 Terror When Struck
11% Chance To Cast Level 18 Confuse On Striking
+2 To All Skills
+261 Defense
+10 To Vitality
50% Extra Gold From Monsters
25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Level 17 Attract (60 Charges)

Undead Stygian Doll!!!!!

Yes, this player has turned into an undead stygian doll. I am definitely gonna make a non ladder helm of it, as I have 2 ists and it requires Lem Ist Io. Oh yea, Adam, I am one rune away from making a Call to Arms Hydra Bow. :)

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WOOT!! [21 Nov 2003|04:38pm]
Thats the word I could think of at the moment to describe whats happening tomorrow for ONLY students, faculty, and staff of FSU.


LOL!! That last statement was a joke, but its gonna be so badass!! Its free and its advanced!!

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D2 1.10 is 8% easier [04 Nov 2003|06:20pm]
WOOT!!!! I finally got my anilus small charm!!! Now maybe I can gain some damn levels!!!! :)

Well, other than that life is good....I figured out how to do derivatives on my calculator...so easy shoulda done that sooner....now calc is like 3x easier. I have to start writing my 3000 word paper for history due the 13th, thursday of next week. It shouldnt be too bad though. History, still boring...religion, still boring....programming, had a hardass program...didnt end up doing it, no clue how to start it, so i just gave up...next program seems much easier. Yay, thanksgiving soon and I am pretty sure my roommates and I are going to see the new matrix this weekend, which will be awesome. And on Friday, the creators of homestar runner are coming to FSU b/c they from FSU and having a Q&A about the site and stuff, and then showing their special DVD i think it is thats coming out soon. The best part, its free for FSU students!!!

Well, here's this for you who have played Diablo, I am mainly talking about adam, dan and josh.....and now I am off to start paper...GRR!!!

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........ [28 Oct 2003|01:33pm]
The internet is once again being gay...can't do anything that you would usually do on the internet...it takes a century to load lj pages, email pages, etc. And of course that means lag followed by a death in a cow game in D2, that and not being able to bot, which I wanted to do to get some replacement items for my duped/hacked items ie 08 windforce, occy rings (which i have 2 sojs and 2 perf nagels), and amulet. I wanted to do this because the belief is that 1.10 is coming out on halloween. It seems true thought, since bliz / bnet has this stupid program called "Rust Storm" which is supposedly gonna delte all duped and hacked items in game, so therefore, people are rushing around trying to trade their last pieces of hacked/duped items for legit items, like myself....I still need to get rid of my con ring. Then there are some stupid people who think nothing's gonna get deleted, IDIOTS!! But yea, I am looking forward to 1.10, as I have full necromancer set, meaning he can turn into a vampire (blood lord) with extra skls (meteo, fire wall, fire ball, fire mastery...only set that is givin special bonuses..all other sets are gonna make char look cool with special aura around them with full set).

Other than that, life is ok, calc sux, I have no clue how I am gonna do in it. History, religion, comp programming are all going nicely...computer is going the best because I AM THE C PROGRAMMING MASTA!!!! Yet, I feel something missing or something's slipping away. I guess the feeling is most likely the feeling that I feel my past / Boca life is slipping away, who knows....

Its also not as fun last year up here. My friend Alex is alot more busy being an RA and being in a service frat. I am pretty busy and I like my room, unlike last year, where I didnt like my room, so being busy and wanting to be in my room makes me to not goto my friends dorms after classes. Although my roommate, James, last year could be a little ecentric at times, he was still a fun guy to hang out with. Jeff does the usual as last year, he hangs out in his room with his cube, gba, and tv, and hes fun to hang with, but we dont play as much smash as we did last year, b/c we are both kind of sick of the game...which means you boca hoes, YOU DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY IF I BEAT YOU, I DONT PLAY ANYMORE :)...then again, you probably dont either, so we will be equal. And of course, I dont have the craziness of Miren, because she's at another school. So the combination of all that stuff makes it not as fun as last year, and I also dont have my cube up here like last year, so I have to resort to d2, but guess what, THATS NOT WORKING (fucking acns).

I am looking forward to going home to see friends and family, but from what my parents said, its still hot as hell down there (BLAH). I also want to see this new comic book store that has a grand opening on halloween, maybe get started on reading some. Well, I think I am gonna go play Secret of Mana on ZSNES because that game owns....just beat tropicallo(sp), the boss when u first get to village of gnomes/dwarves....didnt think he was as easy as he was...i had a much harder time with him...probably because i was a lower lvl...the pumpkin bombs only did 1 dmg to me, whereas the first time i beat game, they did like i think 25-50 dmg or something. Talk to you all later.

Keep in mind that this entry was supposed to be put in yesterday, but internet was = to gay. So now I am in a much better mood.

And BNET's realms are all down at the moment.....1.10 is coming, run!!!! And for those of who are interested, Dan and Josh mainly, there are no more cow channels!!! New channels dont include them, trading gems, and trading sets channels.

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Smash Bros Tourney [11 Oct 2003|04:49am]
Since I dont have a paid account, this is gonna be a ghetto poll....

Who should I go as to the smash bros tournament on Sunday?

-Young Link

If you say other, please tell me who that other is. Thanks all!!

Oh and in D2 news, I am makin one of every char. And my necro pwns for a necro in hell cows with blood maiden, CE, and his 30 + summoned creatures. :)
Here's the stats on all my chars:
Sorceress: lvl 83, 36 to all main skls (f orb, nova, light master, t-storm)
Necro: lvl 66 (almost maxed revive and blood golem, gonna max iron maiden and maybe corpse explode)
Amazon - lvl 75 (dont need to say her skls, you just need to know shes badass)
Paladin - lvl 1 (havent started new one yet)
Barbarian - lvl 20 (sword, and might i add i started him with friends on classic and we all got our asses handed to us in tals tomb)
Druid - lvl 3 (werewolf) - named him Magi_DipShiit as i dont really like druids :)
Assasin - lvl 2 (martial arts)

Thought I would just tell you all that, as if you cared, but guess what, I dont care if you cared or not, MUAHAHA!!! :)

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